Friday, June 5, 2009

Camping in a what?

The girls are going camping this weekend with their church - in the rain. This will be Olivia's first tent camping experience and I hope it's a good one. We used to go camping when she was much younger. I tried to tell her that we used to go camping with our camper - it had a kitchen, bathroom, etc. She gave me a look like I had completely lost my mind. "What's a camper?" she asks me. I think she still believes I'm nuts (not that she's wrong about that). So, they are leaving tonight and it's supposed to rain all night. I really hope they make it through the night because I know she'll have a great time. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend.

My husband will be helping a friend work on their house all weekend. I will be all alone with the boys! I should be excited to have only two children home, but now I keep thinking, "what am I going to do all weekend?" Ridiculous, isn't it! I'm pathetic.....

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